Sage 300 (Accpac)

With Sage 300 (Accpac) one can reduce costs and boost productivity with fast, integrated accounting and financial management software. Sage 300 integrates your sales and service functions for streamlined, end-to-end financial management. Powerful, flexible tools improve financial reporting and compliance and provide better business intelligence for a greater ROI.

Ensure you stay competitive in today’s global economy with Sage 300 Finance! We offer you far more than simple financial accountability and compliance. Allow your business to evolve with complete and expert coverage of the financial functions landscape, providing you with a 360 degree view of the company’s performance, financial accounting, budgeting and consolidations.View your operation a new way using Sage 300 Finance – so you can improve productivity, envision success and accelerate growth. It is time to turn your business dreams into reality with the real-time visibility, collaboration, agility and innovation you need to succeed.We are aware of your challenges and so we are delighted to let you know that the Sage 300 Finance helps you streamline time-consuming accounting processes and manage financial accountability and compliance. You can track and analyse your financial data to optimise your productivity using tools and accounting structures that are tailored to your needs. Maintain a variety of sophisticated reports and intelligence, so you can better make strategic decisions based on insight gained from in-depth analysis.sage-300-finance

Sage Intelligence Reporting:

You can quickly and easily obtain the information you need for improved operations and reporting across your business.

Using the familiar look of Microsoft Excel®, Sage Intelligence Reporting helps you effectively analyse Sage 300 data. Effortlessly create real-time, automated, and pre-formatted reports with accurate, and meaningful information. Spend more time focusing on analysis and interpretation of your information and less time pulling the data together.

Fixed Assets functionality (powered by Norming Software):

As one of key Sage Software development partners, Norming Software began the development partnership with Sage Software in 2000. In the past 12 years of developing software products for Sage 300, Norming received a lot of awards and recognitions in the worldwide Sage channels for their products, including Norming Asset Management, Norming Payroll Manager, Norming Resource Manager and Norming PSA. These products are serving more than 3500 customers in around 52 counties.

Norming Asset Management is a powerful and complete asset management solution. The core module, Asset Accounting, can be used to process the asset accounting transactions, including acquisition, depreciation, adjustment, disposal, merge and split of Assets. All these transaction will generate General Ledger Journal Entries automatically. The higher-level functionality module, Asset Maintenance and Asset Leasing can be used to facilitate the asset maintenance and lease management. The complete Asset Tracking facility is also available.

Distribution functionality:

Take charge of your inventory to reduce carrying costs and fulfill order on-time, every time.

Get full control over your warehouse inventory, record assets accurately and improve customer satisfaction with robust inventory management software for distributors. Inventory management provides real-time, accurate information on your inventory, including receipt, location and disposition of goods, as well as their precise value and status.

Win new markets, satisfy your customers, deliver high-quality products and services and steer your business in the right direction with Sage 300 Distribution! In this ever increasing global economy, we help ensure your business follows best practices for efficiency and accuracy by automating and integrating processes to keep your inventory, production, warehouse and service departments aligned and running smoothly, wherever you are.

We understand your need to accelerate growth, enhance customer satisfaction and of course improve your bottom line. Sage 300 Distribution provides technology which will empower you to improve the speed and accuracy of the fulfilment process and reduce the cost of labour. The Sage 300 Distribution is optimised for a wide variety of distributors and wholesalers in different types of industries.

Strategically manage every aspect of the distribution cycle, from purchasing all the way through to sales, with unparalleled efficiency and control. Take charge with this complete multi-location distribution and management software solution. Optimise operations and distribution processes to eliminate waste and deliver on time, every time.


Manufacturing functionality:

Satisfy all your manufacturing requirements, fully accommodate your business processes and efficiently manage your operations with Sage 300 Manufacturing. Enable an efficient manufacturing operation flow covering material purchase, processing manufacturing orders, work in progress, routing cost calculation, material consumption, material scrap / item substitution and order closeout.

Automating your manufacturing processes in a simple and practical way will help your business gain significant competitive advantages and minimise costs and risks associated with high inventory levels. Use Sage 300 Manufacturing to rise to the challenges of a constantly evolving industry, with fast moving technical changes and stay competitive.

Collaborate to plan and optimise all the components of your supply chain. Differentiate your company from the rest by reducing lead times to win new business and justify higher margins, while improving customer satisfaction. Sage 300 Manufacturing is designed for discrete manufacturing enterprises.


Count on Sage 300 Projects for expert management of estimating, tracking, costing, and billing of projects. Simplify cost control and planning, so you deliver on time and on budget, every time!

Use Sage 300 Projects to easily identify potential issues and determine success factors for any project. Streamline processes and reduce time spent on reporting and communications. Get a handle on elusive project costs, know what materials have been ordered or delivered, who has been billed and effectively track resources such as time spent on each project or job.

Take control of projects with better tracking, enhanced efficiency and greater accuracy. Sage 300 Projects makes it easy for you to estimate projects, enter and report costs, track billings, payments and profits. Get effective project and job costing without breaking your budget, straining your internal resources, or compromising on functionality. Sage 300 Projects provides you with the insight you need to control costs and boost profits.

Services functionality:

Successfully manage the resources, products and services your business offers with Sage 300 Service! Guarantee extensive planning, control and organisation in the Service Industry. Access your data locally or from the field using mobile or Web technologies to save time, lower expenses, monitor profitability, increase productivity and most importantly, improve customer satisfaction.

Sage 300 Service will link every aspect of the service process so that you can update and manage jobs in real-time in the office or out in the field, handle preventative maintenance and general equipment servicing.

Take comfort in the knowledge that as your company experiences high levels of growth, you can still exercise detailed control over your activities with Sage 300 Service, while maintaining close relationships with your customers.

Sage 300 Service will help you simplify the supervision of your service activities while keeping the operational, sales and financial aspects of your customers jobs firmly on the radar.

Retail functionality:

Stay focused and flexible, maintain market relevance by continuing to innovate and connect with customers using Sage 300 Retail. Sage 300 Retail helps you adapt quickly to new technologies, ensuring you are successful and globally competitive.

Avoid down-time and unnecessary costs in a demanding, around-the-clock retail world. By offering you peace of mind knowing your Point of sale and ERP are delivered and supported through one business and solution, Sage 300 Retail is paramount for your business to thrive.

Help complete your customers successful shopping experience and keep them loyal and committed with Sage 300 Retail – providing a seamless, engaging and personalised encounter. Sage 300 Retail provides value, flexibility, convenience, satisfaction and accurate and detailed product information, instantly.

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