How to Setup and Create a Recurring Journal Entry

  • Confirm that the document type has the “Template” checkbox checked under Setup> Financials> Documents types
  • Create a template journal that will be used as the model journal under Financials> Journals. Journal entry
    • The Category must template so that no GL entry is created.
  • Create the Recurring journal under Setup> Financials> Recurring entries
    • If the journals a code and description.
    • Select the template document type and link the template journal created in step 2 above that will be copied for the recurring journals.
    • Select the start and end date.
      • The start date will be the date on which the first accounting entry will be created.
      • Select the frequency
  • On the Generation tab, enter the document type that must be used for the journal creation.
  • Run the Recurring entries function under Financials> Current processings> Recurring entries
    • Select the relevant criteria and run the function.
  • You will receive a log file with the created journals.

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