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SAP Analytics Cloud offer you End-to-End planning capabilities

With SAP Analytics Cloud you can simplify your planning processes by automating the collection of your plan, building it from the ground up with drivers, and modelling scenarios from the boardroom. PLAN SIMPLE Rich ModellingTop down or bottoms up planningWhat-if simulationsPrivate VersioningDriver based planningPredictive forecastingCollaboration and cell commentary         Workflow and task assignmentGraphical AllocationsVariance analysis reportingExcel…
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ERP Systems Support Manufacturing During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced manufacturers to quickly shift gears, from addressing work-from-home policies to managing huge swings in demand and uncertain supply chains. Today, during the COVID-19 response, ERP is keeping entire industries in operation. Never in the history of ERP have we seen it play a bigger role in the continuance of manufacturing…
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Did you know? – Sage X3 has the functionality to allow for relevant tax depreciation plans to depreciate qualifying assets for some small businesses to claim for Wear and Tear allowance.

The Receiver of Revenue allows certain small businesses the option to claim Wear and tear allowance over three years (50% / 30% / 20%) if the fixed assets meet the qualifying conditions of sections 11(e) and 12E of the Income Tax Act. Sage X3 has the functionality to allow for the relevant tax depreciation plan…
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