New features on Sage CRM 2020 R1

About Sage CRM

Sage CRM is a single source for all your customer management needs. The system helps integrate marketing, sales, customer service, and customer information tools together in an entirely web-based package.

Why is that so valuable?

Consider a typical office environment:

Someone takes a phone call for a representative in a different department and forgets to tell them.

Result? A lost opportunity.

Your desk is littered with sticky notes reminding you to do things, but what do you have to do today?

Sales and customer service both work with the same customers, but use separate systems—or none at all. No one has a clear idea what has been happening with that customer recently.

Different sales teams are pursuing different agendas, so you can't see what is in the pipeline.

A customer phones up, mad that his simple query hasn't been answered yet.

Sage CRM can bring it all together.

With Sage CRM, you can complete the following tasks:

Manage contacts

  • Focus on the information most relevant to the work you're doing right now.
  • Create and update customer information.
  • Create unlimited notes for special detail.

Manage your time

  • Schedule reminders and appointments.
  • Assign, re-assign, and delegate activities.
  • Plan your workload and view your history of actions.
  • Manage your personal schedule.
  • Manage team workloads.

Manage documents

  • Create letters, emails, and proposals using standard templates.
  • Store all documents as part of shared customer history.
  • Attach documents to communications.
  • Send emails and attachments using standard mail protocols.
  • Record your communication tasks.

Qualify leads

  • Record and qualify raw lead data.
  • Use outbound call lists to work on multiple campaigns.
  • Generate leads from a telephone-based follow-up campaign.
  • Report on the success of a campaign.

Manage sales

  • Track opportunities as they move through the sales cycle.
  • Record and maintain a history of all progress updates.
  • Assign opportunities and tasks to colleagues for team selling.
  • Maintain a communication history for each sales opportunity.
  • Report and analyse sales progress, forecasts, and lists.

Generate and view reports

  • Produce account lists and pipeline overviews.
  • List customer cases.
  • Analyse performance and forecasts.
  • Monitor campaign success.
  • Run standard reports from your Web browser

Provide customer service

  • Log customer service calls.
  • Track customer service issues as they progress through to resolution.
  • Monitor Service Level Agreement adherence.
  • Publishing solutions and performing key word searches on a solutions database.
  • Escalate overdue cases.

Personalize your system

  • Set up personalized dashboards.
  • Change the look and feel of the user interface.
  • Switch between your top five hot prospects.
  • Maintain an overview of your high priority customer service issues.
  • Set your own time zone and currency preferences.
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