Sage X3 is a business solution designed with the user in mind. This flagship product covers all your company operational needs in terms of Production Management, Distribution, Logistics, Finance and Human Resources. It also guarantees optimum management of mid-sized companies on both a national and international scale.

Sage X3 takes the complexity out of running your business. It simplifies every part of your operation, leaving you lean and ready for whatever comes next, wherever you are in the world. With Sage X3, you are choosing the next generation business management solution for your enterprise to grow faster and run an agile organisation.


Sage X3 - A faster, simpler, more flexible Business Management Solution:



Sage X3 runs your business faster than ever before, with a cohesive, enterprise-class solution to manage all of your core business processes— from purchasing to manufacturing, inventory management, sales, customer service and financials—locally and internationally. It also accelerates collaboration and reporting, and delivers real-time insight into all costs and operational performance.



Sage X3 is easy to use in a familiar Web browser and on mobile devices, giving you the freedom to work from anywhere. It is also simple to manage, and highly configurable to adapt to your unique processes, roles and preferences. Sage X3 is a versatile solution—use it as a service in the cloud and reduce demand on your in-house team to maintain the system, or deploy the solution on the infrastructure of your choice.



Sage X3 is ready for your industry. Built-in functionality for manufacturing, distribution and the services industries. Sage X3 adjusts to accommodate your company’s unique rules and processes. It’s also easily scalable—so you’ll never run out of capacity again—and quickly adapts to your changing needs, growing with your business as you expand to new markets or geographies,  making it simple to manage a global business.


Sage X3 manages all operations of your business, from Financials to Manufacturing and beyond:

Financial Management:

• General ledger
• Account Payable and Account Receivable
• Cashbook
• Cost and analytical accounting
• Expenditures
• Petty Cash management
• Budget and commitments
• Fixed asset management
• Multi-currency & Conversions
• Inter-company transactions
• Mobility



• Product data, multiple units of measure
• Pricing and discounts
• Purchasing planning, ordering and requests
• Purchase orders, delivery and scheduling
• Back order management
• Requests for proposal
• Open orders, budget accounting
• Multi-level signature management
• Receiving
• Contract and sub-contracting
• Inter-company/inter-site transactions
• Supplier invoice entry and returns
• Import declaration and costing
• Secure EDI data exchange
• Mobility


Inventory Management:

• Product data, multiple units of measure
• Location management
• Sales kits
• Inventory balances
• Quality control and sampling
• Replenishment, inter-site transfers
• Order release
• Stock movements
• Inventory costing
• Import tracking
• Physical stock counting
• Supplier, container and shipment management
• Version and change management control
• Mobility


Sales Management:

• Product configurator, options & variants
• Pricing and discounts
• Sales commission per document per line
• Quotes, contracts and open orders
• Multi-level credit checking and order entry
• Order preparation, delivery, packing and shipping
• Invoicing and reminders
• Inventory inquiries and allocations
• Bill of lading and export declaration
• Secure EDI data exchange
• Loans and commitments
• Inter-company/inter-site sales
• Customer returns with return reasons
• Back-to-back ordering
• Mobility


Manufacturing Management:

• Multiple manufacturing modes
• Product configurator, options &  variants
• Multi-level Bill of Material, formulas and recipes
• Scrap management
• Work and cost centre management
• Forward/backward scheduling
• Replenishment and inter-site transfers
• Production cost accounting
• Quality control, analysis and release
• Sub-contractor management
• Master production scheduling



•  Fast, easy configurable inquiries
•  User-defined dashboards for KPI's
•  Audit trail from cumulative total easily exported to Excel
•  Library of over 400 reports and forms                            
•  Automatic printout triggering
•  Alerts at your fingertips
•  Configurable triggering of workflows
•  Information stored for accessibility and audits
•  Microsoft Outlook integration
•  Microsoft Office integration with synchronised data
•  Generation of Word, Excel, text, HTML and PDF files

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