Six simple steps to get the best value from Sage 200 Evolution

1.  Establish an executive committee and a core project team

Keeping things on track is crucial. Establish an executive committee to sponsor and oversee the    project, and a core project team to take ownership of the ERP system and to drive the project.

During the implementation process, functional teams should define the metrics they intend to measure against to determine the success of the project. These metrics should align with business units, departments, and employees to effectively indicate whether goals are being achieved.

2.  Aim for specific goals

Faster, higher quality business decisions due to end users entering data more efficiently. This results in the summarized information needed by management and executives becoming more accessible, timelier, and more meaningful.

Greater employee engagement and productivity with employees using their time to perform more strategic and meaningful activities. The operational efficiencies gained from the implementation also leads to improved employee retention.

Get closer to business partners, customers and suppliers by optimizing and shortening business processes.

3.  Have a clear understanding of what the software can do with a business plan based on features and functionality.        

4.  Define business processes that need improvement

Confirm that the processes defined prior to implementation are being achieved and ensure that nothing has been missed. An implementation adviser may also provide recommendations on improving business processes based on best practices from other customers

5.  Consider your implementation options

When choosing between on-premise or on-demand implementation, organizations should look at their particular requirements – including the complexity of their business and business processes, size of their company, number of employees, expected business growth, and the sophistication of their IT skills and infrastructure.

6.  Train end users

Training, along with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface ensures that employees can get up to speed more quickly and cost effectively and start using the new business management solution.

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